Reading gets electric car charging points


The Department of Transport has announced that Reading Borough Council will receive a grant of £127,500 to help to pay for five charging sites. The grant represents 75% of the cost and the Council will provide the remaining 25% from its Transport budgets or from sponsorship.

The charge points will form part of a new national network which will allow electric car drivers to plan longer journeys and encourage more use of electrically-powered vehicles.

The money includes:

• £112,500 for the installation of three rapid charge points for electric vehicles at Kenavon Drive, Rivermead and Palmer Park. Rapid chargers typically charge 80% of an electric vehicle’s battery in 20-30 minutes, therefore facilitating longer journeys by enabling drivers to quickly top-up their vehicle.

• £15,000 for the installation of two fast charge points at Rivermead and Palmer Park. Fast chargers typically charge an electric vehicle’s battery in 3-4 hours, thus serving a different market to rapid chargers (for instance users of the leisure facilities at Rivermead and Palmer Park).

August 4, 2013 |

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