Reading Borough Council Let’s Talk Housing


Reading Borough Council has launched ‘Let’s Talk Housing’ – a three part consultation which takes a closer look at the housing issues which affect people in Reading the most.

Running until December, ‘Let’s Talk Housing’ will focus on talking to residents about strategies and policies that aim to improve the ways that the people in our town are housed.

The Council wants to engage with the community regarding a number of changes, new policies and new initiatives that could affect residents of Reading across all housing sectors. We want to hear from home owners and tenants of both the private rented and social sector, so that we can ensure that residents views are reflected in the decisions made and the way services are delivered in the future. We will also be listening to organisations that work in the housing sector and with homeless people to ensure that their experiences are included.

‘Let’s Talk Housing’ begins with a detailed consultation on Reading’s Private Rented Sector.

Three separate questionnaires will be distributed over the coming weeks to residents, landlords and their agents and other stakeholders. The questionnaires will also be available to fill in online and available at libraries, children’s and community centres etc as well as targeted at households and businesses in areas where there are particularly high levels of private rented accommodation.

‘Let’s Talk Housing’ road shows will be touring neighbourhoods in Reading over the course of the consultation providing an opportunity to see what the Council offers and complete questionnaires. A particular focus will be given to gathering feedback from traditionally hard to reach groups.

May 20, 2013 |

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