Reading Ball Court Now Up and Running


The revamp of the ball park forms part of a wider project on Hexham Road, funded through the Council’s Decent Neighbourhood Fund and its Parks Department. The £70,000 project also saw the revamp of the local play park last year, with new attractions including a basket swing and two new pieces of climbing equipment.

The Decent Neighbourhood Fund was set up by the council’s Housing Service in 2009 and is aimed at improving local neighbourhood estate areas and improving the quality of life of people living there. The money comes from rental income received from tenants and the housing team works closely with local residents to find out what they want to improve their areas. Previous initiatives include landscaping, painting, lighting and new parking bays.

Capital investment from the Parks Department is from contributions to local leisure facilities made from local development. The Parks Team has also been responsible for design and project management.

May 16, 2014 |

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