Changes proposed for Reading’s Children’s Centres


Reading Borough Council are proposing changes for the town’s 13 Children’s Centres including better access to advice and help for families with children and young people up to 19-years old, and a more consistent offer of services across the town.

While many local authorities nationwide are choosing to shut down Children’s Centres due to the on-going difficult economic conditions, Reading Borough Council is keeping all 13 of its centres open in recognition of the vital role they play in providing easy access to key services for families, all within easy travelling distance of their homes. This is particularly important in Reading where there has been a 34% increase in children aged 0-4 years old over the last census period, which is the second highest rise in the south-east.

The way the town’s 13 Children’s Centres are currently organised means what is on offer can vary from area to area. The Council wants to ensure activities and services at each centre are based both on local need, and that they are also consistent, so that some key services are offered at centres across all the whole of Reading.

A Council review has looked closely at best practise and at what other local Councils are doing. As a result, proposals have now been developed where Children’s Centres are brought together into geographical clusters – north, south, east and west and west/central. Each cluster would then share a pooled and flexible staff team, managed by a single-coordinator. This means staff could share expertise of what works best for local Children’s Centres, and also allows for a more flexible and efficient use of staff.

March 30, 2013 |

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